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The Third Option has been serving Orange County for many years, and there are many stories to tell. Here is a blogger on Love Engineer, sharing her personal experience with The Third Option.

“When my husband and I got married I was 35 and he was 45. Both never married, diverse upbringings and very independent minded. To add to everything within a year we were new parents.

We had different cleaning, social habits and communication styles, ending up in meaningless power struggles over sometimes the smallest of things.

Our marriage was important to us. We were successful in our careers and wanted the same success in our marriage, not only for us but for our son too. Marriage proved to be more challenging than expected. To gain some guidance and outlook we tried the expensive counselors and therapists (only to go in circles). We could both see they were not the best counselors for us, as they emphasized our weaknesses and failed to intervene when we used bad communication habits. Most gave up on my husband and I…”


Click on article to read more or click on the graphic to see it in its entirety.

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