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Participants can come on any week – there is no start or finish date. We work through all 14 topics over 14 weeks, one topic per week. We encourage couples/individuals to go through the topics at least twice. One gentleman put it nicely, “the first time through the topics I just listened, and the second time through I applied it.” The first time going through the topics is a time of processing the information, and most participants comment on how they gain new insights and skills the second time through.

Relationships are dynamic, ever-changing, and need to be in balance. Each topic is presented in the context of balance. A relationship can be off balance in either direction. There are 2 unhealthy extreme ways of handling each topic and there is a healthy middle choice: The Third Option.

Click on a topic below to see the 2 unhealthy extremes, and join us at The Third Option to learn the healthy, middle solution:

Romantic partners, from time to time, ask for help and support. To do so is a sign of strength, not weakness. As with any serious matter, early detection is preferable. At The Third Option, you will find the support and encouragement of “wounded healers” who know and are familiar with your pain, who do not judge you, and who support your efforts at growth and reconciliation.


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